•  How Gallant Products Can Add Value to Your Brand

 Gallant is a forward-thinking, innovative leader when it comes to Fair Trade and Organic cotton products. We make sure to use the finest, non-toxic and earth friendly materials, like GOTS Certified Organic cotton. Our products are manufactured at a Fair Trade Certified factory.

  • Help your brand/company stand out from the crowd with our private label Organic and Fair Trade product

 Gallant offers a chance for your company to tell its brand story, while reducing your environmental footprint and providing a product that is ethical and safe for your customers. Let us, help you, transform your brand and provide quality, eco-friendly products to your customers. Our products can help you advertise your brand, work as the perfect plastic free packaging solution, and help spread brand awareness through giveaways and gifts with purchase.

  •  All of our products are 100% customizable

Customize the shape, size, style, accessories, colors, print and embroidery to make the ultimate product for your company. Send us your artwork and design, and we’ll make it come to life!

Fair Trade Certified

By being Fair Trade Certified, we guarantee that your products will be ethically and fairly produced. Under Fair Trade, we can ensure that no child or forced labor is involved, living/legal wages are paid, safe working conditions are provided, the supply chain is transparent, and workers are paid an additional Fair Trade premium to invest back into their communities or to use however they would like.

GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

Our products are made exclusively with GOTS Certified Organic cotton. Our organic cotton is grown free from harmful pesticides and insecticides, ensuring that we preserve the health of farmers, workers, eco-systems and you and your customers.

 Soil Preservation:

By using Organic cotton, we help preserve our farm’s soil. Healthy soil is full of good bacteria, fungi and other microscopic organisms. Organic farming preserves the health of these organisms, while conventional farming often destroys soil, leaving it barren and unable to support plant life.

Water Conservation:

Organic cotton uses 71% less water than conventional cotton. Organic cotton is 80% rain-fed, allowing farmers and communities to conserve and divert their water for other essential uses.

 Eco-System Preservation:

Organic cotton allows for eco-systems to remain intact and undisturbed. Weeds are removed psychically or with intercropping, no toxic chemicals or pesticides are used. Organic cotton is better for the environment, benefiting animals, insects and the Earth as a whole.

Offsetting Our Carbon Emissions:

We partner with UPS to offset our carbon emissions created during our shipping process. Through UPS, we are able to contribute to preserving waterways, forests and eco-systems throughout the globe.

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