We are working with Feeding America to end hunger across America

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Your commitment to sustainable products is greatly appreciated.

Thank YOU, our loyal customers, for your commitment to sustainable products and purchasing organic and Fair Trade products from us. Your purchase has made a big difference in the lives of farmers, factory workers and the environment.

We wanted to do more so we have pledged to Feeding America, a leading non-profit organization that is striving to end hunger in the United States. Our donation from Gallant will provide 100,000 meals to hungry children and families across America. Additionally, our donation will be matched by Tony Robbins through the 100 Million Meal Challenge providing twice the impact. Every $1 donated to Feeding America helps secure and distribute at least 10 meals to people facing hunger through the Feeding America network of food banks. We are proud to be assisting Feeding America on their journey to end hunger. We want to help ensure that children in America are set up for success and that families get the assistance they need to thrive.

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Did you know:

Feeding America is the nationwide network of 200 food banks that leads the fight against hunger in the United States. Together, we provide food to more than 46 million people—including 12 million children and 7 million seniors—through 60,000 food pantries and meal programs in communities across America. 

5.4 million Americans are nourished by the Feeding America network every week. 

In the U.S., 1 in 8 Americans struggle with hunger—and 1 in 6 children are food insecure. That means that millions of people in the U.S. struggle to obtain regular access to the nutritious meals they need. 

1 in 8 Americans lives at or below the poverty level. 

1 in 8 Americans uses SNAP benefits (food stamps). 

1 in 7 Americans is currently served by the Feeding America network. 

Feeding America helps provide over 4 billion meals each year to people in need. 

Each $1 donated to Feeding America helps provide at least 10 meals to someone at risk of hunger. 

Feeding America food banks serve every county in the United States. 

Feeding America is the leading food-rescue organization, currently preventing 3.5 billion pounds of food from going to waste and providing it to people in need. 

Feeding America distributes donated food items that are nutritious and wholesome, as well as personal care items that cannot be purchased with SNAP benefits (formerly known as food stamps) such as shampoo, diapers, toothpaste and laundry detergent. These donations are critical when we assist our member food banks in times of disaster. 

Nearly 2 million people volunteer at Feeding America food pantries and meal programs in an average month, providing 8.4 million hours of service. 

Feeding America has a 99% Charitable Commitment Rating, which means that 99 cents of every $1 gift go right back into programs that help feed people in need. 

Feeding America is the 2nd largest charity in the United States. 

Feeding America distributes 1.5 billion pounds of fruits and vegetables through the food bank network. 

You can help end hunger by donating, advocating and volunteering

Donate: www.feedingamerica.org/donate 

Advocate: www.feedingamerica.org/take-action/ 

Volunteer: www.feedingamerica.org/foodbank