What is a sustainable business?

What is a sustainable business?

Nowadays, everyone seems to be throwing around the word sustainable like it’s going out of style (which would be ironic, right?). Every major clothing, soft drink and even energy company has some kind of initiative that is sure to make the world a better place all while creating the products we love to consume.

This is as well and good, and certainly makes us feel better as we purchase their products, but what does sustainability actually mean in regards to business operations, consumerism, and our impact on this planet?

In the financial sense, sustainability means longevity, making sure that your inputs don’t cost more than your outputs so that the company can run for a long time and create more value for its shareholders and society.

However, there is another definition of sustainability in business, one that has a larger positive impact on society and the planet that views longevity in a very different manner:

A green business is an enterprise that has minimal negative impact on the global or local environment, community, society, or economy and strives to meet the triple bottom line of people, planet and profit.

Instead of just looking at financial returns to gauge their success, green businesses incorporate principles of sustainability into each of their business decisions and make an enduring commitment to environmental principles in their business operations.

At Gallant, we are proud to say we are a green business and use different metrics to understand our impact. We look at how we treat the soil we grow our cotton on, how happy our workers are and what our products do to our local environment. We think that the way we run our business, with our Fair Trade and Organic standards, will actually make our business financially sustainable as well because we are transparent in our practices and let our customers know our values.

Sustainability goes beyond marketing or labels, it is in the core of a business’ identity.

It is in every individual that makes that business possible, from the farmers growing the organic, pesticide-free cotton to the artisans hand-weaving beautiful eco friendly cosmetic bags to the shipping center that uses recyclable packing materials.

By being a green business with integrity and respect, Gallant International will continue to grow and we will create more Organic cotton t shirts, Organic cotton tote bags, Organic cotton aprons, and private label custom made items that are not only beautiful, but truly sustainable. We integrate sustainability into every step of our supply chain because we believe that is the right way to run a business.

So the next time you hear or see a business saying that it is sustainable, ask yourself what kind of sustainability are they referring to, and where are the footprints they are leaving behind?

Because the footprints we leave behind will show the world where we are heading in the future.