Gallant International Goes to Universities

Gallant International Goes to Universities:

Fair Trade Campaigns

Sponsors of a Fair Trade Pop Up Market

Last year, Gallant International started partnering with college campuses to spread more awareness (and our awesome totes!)  with younger consumers. We started this outreach because we are passionate for ethical businesses and believe in the power of conscious consumerism amongst all ages. We also did it because we crave real-life community experiences that create opportunities for discussion, awareness and empowerment of local businesses who are committed to high environmental and social standards.

In December, we were able to sponsor an ethical Holiday Pop Up Market at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey. Hosted by the Fair Trade Club, the annual event draws up to 500 visitors and features many Fair Trade brands like Mata Traders, Bead and Reel, Divine Chocolate, Marquet Fair Trade, and Fair Trade USA.

We chose to sponsor this event because of the commitment to ethical and sustainable purchasing, stewardship of the environment and the desire to spread awareness to a large audience. The theme of the event, which is so near to our hearts, was the damaging effects of fast fashion, which can be summarized by the maxim “Fast fashion is a disaster for women and the environment.”

“Fast fashion” is a term that refers to cheap clothing that is mass-produced contantly by major retailers to capitalize on trendiness. But to move those clothes to market quickly, tens of millions of poor people suffer low wages and abusive labor practices, and the environment pays with toxic byproducts, and disposable clothing clogging landfills. To learn more about the effects of fast fashion, check out the documentary the True Cost on Netlfix, or read more here.

We at Gallant stand behind our commitment to sustainable, ethical and affordable clothing that is beautifully and lovingly made. We hope that in the new year, you will join us in our fight against fast fashion and will continue to support global artisans all over the world!