The 4 Most Popular Muslin Bag Sizes

Looking for a sustainable packaging solution? Look no further.

All of our products are customizable! Don’t see the size you prefer? No worries! Let us know your preferred size.

Gallant’s Organic cotton muslin bags are the ideal packaging, advertising and sustainable solution for your brand. Here are our most popular muslin bag sizes of 2019.

1.    4 "x 6"

4 x 6 muslin bag. Brand it with your logo/artwork.

The 4” x 6” Muslin bag is perfect for all of your small items. Store jewelry, loose change, snacks or toiletries in this bag. Buying package free soap or tiny items at the farmer’s market? Throw them in this bag for the ultimate small shopping bag. This mighty and lightweight bag can be thrown in your purse or tote for maximum organization. These bags make the perfect gift with purchase for your customer and act as the perfect plastic free packaging solution for small items. Our bags are made from 100% GOTS certified Organic cotton, meaning they are safe for you, workers and the planet. Gallant bags are also made at a Fair Trade Certified factory, ensuring our workers are paid fairly and have safe working conditions. 

 2.    8" x 10"

Launching a new cosmetic product or giving away bags as gifts? This is the perfect size bag for you. Sell this bag as a set with a skincare kit or give them away for your customers to store all their products in. It’s big enough to hold multiple large size products or many travel size items. Print your logo or artwork on the side for easy and long-lasting advertising. Your customer will continue to use this bag long after purchase or gifting, advertising your logo everywhere they take the bag. If not needed anymore, the organic cotton will safely decompose in 6 months, making it the ideal reusable and biodegradable resource. Ditch your plastic cosmetic bags and opt for these reusable and earth safe ones. Participate in the sustainable movement and make the switch to organic cotton.

3.    12" x 10"

Going on vacation? Pack a day’s outfit all in this convenient drawstring bag. This bag will hold multiple pairs of pants, shirts and accessories. Grab a second bag for your shoes and toiletries and you’ll be good to go for a few days. If you’re giving matching shirts, outfits or robes as gifts, package them plastic free in these bags. Feel good about your custom organic cotton muslin bags purchase from Gallant, as you are helping eliminate your environmental footprint and promoting sustainability. The organic cotton ensures that the bag is free from GMOs and pesticides, making them completely safe to store all of your belongings in.

4.    24" x 18" 

Keep your handbags in pristine condition by storing them in our soft, organic cotton drawstring bags. Store your shoes or take them for travel in these bags as well. The muslin will protect from dust during storage and keep your items safe during travel. Customize your bags in size, shape, color or accessories to perfectly fit your handbags or shoes. In addition to printing, we also offer custom hang tags and woven labels. Say no to plastic and paper bags and invest in organic cotton, reusable bags from Gallant instead. You and your customers can be sure that you are choosing a sustainable option with our muslin bags.