Our ethical and eco-friendly custom drawstring/muslin bags are completely customizable in size, shape, color, print/embroidery, and accessories such as zippers, buttons, pockets or trims. All of our drawstring/muslin bags are made of 100% Organic Cotton and are Fair Trade Certified. Choose from our wide range of organic cotton canvas (5 oz -14 oz, we recommend 5 oz) to make your perfect drawstring/muslin bag. If you do not find the style/size you are looking, no worries! We can make custom size/style bags for you. 

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All of our cotton muslin drawstring bags are made of 5 oz GOTS certified organic cotton.

Note: Gallant's branding such as Gallant's logo, hangtag, or the woven label will not be included in your products. Please let us know if you would like to add personalized woven labels and hangtags to your bags. Bags come with a free care label, stitched inside each bag, along with the certification information. Gallant’s COO/care label assures that the tote bags are organic, Fair Trade Certified and traceable.

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12 Reasons You Need Organic Cotton Drawstring Bags

  1. Our muslin bags wholesale are the ideal plastic free packaging solution. Package your small and large items in reusable organic cotton bags instead of single use plastic to benefit the environment.

  2. Wholesale muslin bags are also perfect as storage solutions for shoes, clothing and accessories. Closet or dresser overflowing? Use drawstring bags as dust bags for rarely used items.

  3. Custom drawstring bags are ideal for your company because we’re able to customize them according to your needs, allowing you to design them to perfectly align with your brand aesthetic.

  4. Muslin bags bulk also make great storage bags for jewelry. Whether you’re on the go and need a place to safely store items while traveling, or simply need organization in your jewelry box, our muslin bags are the perfect, compact storage solution.

  5. Our wholesale muslin bags are high quality, long lasting and durable. We design our products to be loved for years, but if they are no longer needed, they will biodegrade safely within a year.

  6. Small muslin bags are great for small item storage, small item packaging and dainty objects.

  7. Large muslin bags are great for big items, full size cosmetic products, and clothing and shoe storage.

  8. Cotton muslin bags eliminate the need for plastic bags, plastic packaging or any single use packaging materials around your products. Plus, products feel much more luxurious when they arrive in a reusable bag.

  9. Our cotton muslin drawstring bags are made with GOTS Certified organic cotton. By using organic cotton, we can guarantee that our bags are free of harmful chemicals, pesticides and insecticides.

  10. Our custom muslin bags are Fair Trade Certified, guaranteeing that those who made them are paid a living/legal wage and given a Fair Trade premium. Know your products are manufactured safely and ethically with Gallant International.

  11. Custom printed muslin bags are the ultimate advertising tool. Print your logo or artwork on them for years of advertising wherever the bags go.

  12. Personalized muslin bags are a great way to advertise your brand while giving your customers a produce they’ll use for years. Personalize the bags with product names, your company’s logo or artwork to impress your customers.