5 reasons to choose fairtrade | Fair Trade Month

According to the CNBC, Americans spend an average of $164.55 per day. We may walk into a store on a daily basis and buy products without thinking beyond the product itself. Where was it made? Was the worker paid fairly or even paid at all? Who made my clothes? Was there child labor involved during the production of the product? There are so many questions that can go unanswered. Nonetheless, there are certification seals you can look out for to make sure the product’s supply chain is ethical, transparent and traceable.

Fairtrade is one of the solutions to today’s compromises that farmers, workers, and others have to face due to high demand and quick turnover. Fairtrade to us, is a solution that makes a difference in the people who grow and make things we love. Fairtrade organizations including Fairtrade America, Fair Trade USA, and Fair Trade Federation set standards to alleviate the poverty and exploitation of farmers and workers by providing better wages and reforming work conditions. To be fair trade certified, a product must be produced by a farmer, cooperative, or workers that meets certain standards set by the Fair Trade labeling body. Certifiers each have their own standards. These standards vary slightly, but essentially require that:

  1. Workers receive a Fair Trade minimum wage

  2. Environmental sustainability is upheld

  3. Safe working conditions are provided and there is no forced or child labor

  4. Premiums are given to producers based on the product they create and these premiums go to a communal fund to be used for development projects

  5. The supply chain is transparent to consumers

We recommend that you purchase products that are fair trade certified next time you go shopping. By choosing fair trade you not only upheld the highest social standards for the workers but you also join the movement of transparency within the supply chain.

If you would like to learn more about Fair Trade, please visit our blog on Fair Trade here.

We are proud to be a supporter of Fairtrade. All of our products are fair trade certified.