5 Women Who are Investing in Other Women

On October 2, 2019, Melinda Gates announced that she is committing $1 billion dollars to “…expanding women’s power and influence in the United States” over the next ten years.

In her editorial piece in Time, she points out that women in the United States are continuously held back… “In 2018, there were more men named James running Fortune 500 companies than there were women [and] women are 51 percent of the population but hold only 24 percent of the seats in Congress”. Gender inequality in the workforce still exists and there is not much being done. Women are still paid less than men, when asking for a promotion women are likely to be called bossy or aggressive, women still face sexual harassment at their workplace and more. Gates acknowledges that $1 billion is a large amount but it is ‘only a small fraction of what’s necessary’ for gender equality. You can read her piece in Time here.

We very much admire Gates’ commitment to gender equality and need more women AND MEN to do the same. In addition to Gates here are 5 women who are investing in other women:

Sheryl Sandberg

Chief Operating Officer of Facebook, Sandberg is one of America’s Richest Self-Made Women. She is also a founder of Lean In. The organization’s mission is to, “… help women achieve their ambitions and work to create an equal world.” Since its foundation, Lean In has created 44,000 “Lean In Circles” where women come together to learn from each other. You can learn more about Lean In and its work here:


Erin Loos Cutraro

Erin is the founder and CEO of She Should Run. She Should Run is a non-partisan organization working to increase the number of women running for the office in the United States. Through the organization’s work 40,000 women have been encouraged to run for office. The organization highlights that fact that we lack women in elected offices… there are over 500,000 elected offices and less than 1/3 are held by women. Their vision is to see 250,000 women run for office by 2030 (#250kby2030). You can read about the efforts of She Should Run here:


Reshma Saujani

Credit:  Girls Who Code

Reshma is the founder and CEO of Girls Who Code. While running for US congress back in 2010, Reshma visited local schools and saw the gender gap in computing classes. Girls Who Code’s mission is to close the gender gap in technology. Through programs like clubs, campus (summer courses), summer immersion (summer programs) and more, the organization is building the largest pipeline of future female engineers in the United States. Learn more about Girls Who Code here:


** Supermodel Karlie Kloss also launched Kode With Klossy in 2015 to, “… empower girls to learn to code and become leaders in tech”.

Gina Clayton-Johnson

Gina is the founder and Executive Director of the Essie Justice Group. Essie Justice Group was founded in 2014 and is a non-profit organization. Their award-winning Healing to Advocacy Model brings women with incarcerated loves ones, “… together to heal, build collective power, and drive social change.” Essie’s mission is to harness the collective power of women with incarcerated loved ones to end mass incarceration’s harm to women and communities. You can find more information about the organization here:


Nadya Okamoto

Founder and Executive Director of Period, Nadya founded the organization when she was 16. Period is a non-profit organization that, “… gives women access to the period products they need to feel confident and clean every menstruation cycle, no matter their income.” It is the largest youth-run NGO in women’s health, and also one of the fastest-growing ones in the US. The organization has addressed over 700,000 periods through product distribution and registered over 400 US campus chapters since its foundation is 2014. Learn more about Period here: