5 Zero-Waste Stores to Visit

Americans created an average of 4.48 pounds of waste each day in 2015.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Americans created an average of 4.48 pounds of waste each day in 2015. Moreover, the average person born in the US creates 13 times as much damage to the environment as someone born in Brazil, uses 35 times the resources of a typical person in India, and consumes about 53 times more products than people who live in China (World Economic Forum, 2017). To reduce their everyday trash and further prevent themselves from negatively impacting the environment, many are gearing up to live waste-free life or plastic-free life.

 Lauren Singer, who runs “Trash is for Tossers” (blog with tips to live zero waste lifestyle) was able to fit almost four years of her trash, things she was not able to recycle or compost, in one 16-ounce mason jar. While Katherine Kellogg, author of 101 Ways to go Zero Waste, was able to fit two years’ of trash in one 16-ounce jar. Living a zero-waste free lifestyle is better for the environment but it can be challenging. You may not have farmer’s market near where you live so your only choice would be to buy fruits and vegetables wrapped in a plastic. You may have to choose an affordable option if a ‘zero-waste’ option is out of your budget.  You may not have time to make your own shampoo, soap, toothpaste and more. If Lauren and Katherine can do it, so can you! 

To help individuals who are on their journey to a zero-waste lifestyle or who are simply looking to reduce their trash can now shop at Zero-Waste stores around the country. Here are 5 Zero-Waste Stores to visit:

1. Package Free Shop – Brooklyn, NY

Package Free Shop was co-founded by Lauren Singer (yep, same Lauren) to help individuals find sustainable solutions they can use every day. You can shop for reusable tote bags, bamboo toothbrushes, compostable phone cases, menstrual cups, and more! If you are in Brooklyn, do stop by at their store. If you can’t visit their store, no worries! You can shop their products online and they will ship them completely waste free.

2.  The Zero Shop – Capitola, CA

Started as a waste challenge, the family of four saw how much trash they produced in a period of 2 weeks by putting the trash in a jar. This helped them picture the waste they created and how they could avoid this in the future. Bringing coffee cups to the coffee shop, keeping tote bags on hand, and shopping in bulk were some of the things they started doing to create a small waste every week. With the Zero Shop, they aim to, “…serve as a resource for the building of more ethical and sustainable habits in our everyday lives.” You can shop for waste free shampoo, compostable dental floss, reusable snack container and more on their website. Do visit them if you are nearby!

3. BYO Long Beach – Long Beach, CA

Inspired by Bea Johnson, author of Zero Waste Home, Julie herself started an Instagram account to help inspire people. She shopped for package free foods at local farmers market/grocery stores but was not able to find package free soaps and body care products. She started her first pop-up shop at the of August 2017 thinking that she couldn’t be the only one looking for package-free items. Today at her store and online, she offers package free cleaning products, containers, kitchen items and more.

4. Zero Waste Store – Online (based in FL)

Sarah, raised in Florida and inspired by nature, started working in beach cleanups at a young age. She is a member of her county’s Conservation Alliance and director of their Anti-Plastic campaign. At her store, you can find products that are earth and ocean friendly, all natural, sustainably sourced, palm oil free, cruelty free, and zero waste!

5. Life Without Plastic

Life Without Plastic is a one stop shop where you can find plastic alternatives. With the mission to raise awareness on the health and environmental problems posed by plastics Jay and Chantal started the company to help as many living beings as possible, including humans, wildlife, and our shared home, Earth, by encouraging decreased plastic use. At their store, you can find plastic free wooden toilet brush, plastic free packing tape, stainless steel ice cubes and more.

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