5 Eco-influencers you should be following right now

Thinking about going zero waste or perhaps wondering how can sustainably shop or eat? These 5 women will help you cut down your waste!


Lauren Singer

Lauren lives a Zero Waste Lifestyle in NY. She majored in Environmental Studies in college and decided to live ‘Zero Waste’ lifestyle in 2012 when her classmate bought lunch every week in a single use plastic bag, a disposable water bottle and a plastic takeout container. She wanted to lessen her environmental impact when she learned about Bea Johnson, who was producing little to no garbage.

Her Instagram page as well as her site documents her Zero Waste journey and her business (Package Free Shop). She suggests doing second-hand shopping, shopping at farmers market, composting and more. She also has guides/tutorials on zero-waste gift lists, a waste-free hair care routine, homemade natural cold remedies, ‘Zero Waste Office’, making homemade cleaning products, and more!

Follow her on Instagram: @trashisfortossers

Bonus: You will see beautiful photos of her zero waste pet, Rosie.

Natalie Kay


Natalie, who has background in fashion, decided to leave the industry unless she was helping change the way business was done. She is a full-time blogger and mommy to Elliott. Every brand you find on her site is something she loves and uses in her personal life.

Her site, Sustainably Chic is a destination for sustainable fashion, green beauty and eco lifestyle and a place where fashion can exist responsibly. She has a list of brands you will love and has tips on building a capsule wardrobe. From her site, you will know where to purchase the Greenest Stroller on the Planet!

Follow her on Instagram: @sustainablychic

Valeria Hinojosa

water thru skin.jpeg

Valeria decided to leave the Private Banking world when she noticed that even when she was getting promotion she worked hard for she felt empty. She wanted to do something that set her soul on fire. She is a certified yoga teacher, full time conscious travel and lifestyle blogger, and a social entrepreneur.

On her site, you will find blogs in both English and Spanish. She has guides to celebrate Fourth of July consciously, recommendations on where you can purchase compostable sunglasses, and more.

Follow her on Instagram: @waterthruskin

Kathryn Kellogg


After finding several tumors in her breast, Kathryn questioned about what she was putting in and on her body. Like many of us she assumed everything she was consuming was safe but to her disappointment she found out that there are little regulation and testing for beauty and cleaning products. She had to live with the pain because of her tumors but reducing her contact with plastic, cooking from scratch, watching her sugar and caffeine intake, making her own cleaning products, using green beauty products, experimenting and moving to a holistic lifestyle helped her pain disappear. She has been living pain free now for over three years! She is also an author of “101 Ways To Go Zero Waste”.

On her social media and blog page you will find recommendations for all-natural toothpaste, zero waste makeup brands, 10 steps you can take to reduce your waste, DIY recipes for lotion, toothpaste and other products.

Follow her on Instagram: @going.zero.waste

Alden Wicker

alden wicker.jpg

Alden Wicker is a founder and editor in chief of EcoCult. She has contributed articles to Glamour, Fast Company, and Newsweek. She has traveled to Asia, Latin America, and Europe to expand her understanding of the global fashion supply chain. You can find her amazing article titled, “Conscious consumerism is a lie. Here’s a better way to help save the world” on Quartz.

On her site, you can find the list of affordable clean and nontoxic skincare brands, best sustainable restaurants to try in Medellin, Colombia, best eco-friendly wedding florists in New York and more.

Follow her on Instagram: @aldenwicker