All About Canvas Tote Bags

Canvas Tote Bags are some of the most versatile bags you can own. They vary in size, shape, and color, meaning you can choose any canvas tote bag to suit your needs. Canvas is an incredibly versatile, heavy duty material. At Gallant international, our Tote Bag canvas is made from organic cotton. We make our canvas from GOTS certified organic cotton to benefit the environment, farmers and workers. Canvas material are also commonly made from linen and hemp. 

Unlike other companies/brands in the market, we strive to produce our bags with the most Earth and Human friendly materials, which is why our bags are made of 100% organic cotton. Organic cotton invests in water conservation, cleaner air, better soil and farmer livelihoods. It is also free of harmful chemicals and GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) which is why they are better for your health as a consumer.

 If you are looking for canvas tote bags in bulk, Gallant is the perfect place to make a purchase. We specialize in GOTS certified, fully customizable totes, including canvas tote bags with zipper.  Whether you are looking to give them away as gifts with purchase, selling them as shopping bags or have other plans, we are able to produce the perfect tote bags for your brand.

We start with plain canvas tote bags and then customize them to your liking. We are able to print or embroider your logo/artwork and customize the size, shape, colors of the bag and add accessories such as a zipper. 

Commonly Asked Questions about Tote Bags:

 Where to Buy Canvas Tote Bags? / Where to Buy Blank Canvas Tote Bags?

Blank Canvas Tote Bag - Product Reference #T14

Blank Canvas Tote Bag - Product Reference #T14

You may find yourself typing into Google “Where can I buy Canvas Tote Bags” and being confused as to which result to click on. Good news is, you can buy them right here at Gallant International! Just send us an email or give us a call, and we will help your tote bag or other canvas bag ideas become reality. We are completely flexible and even offer blank tote bags if you wish to purchase plain tote bags.

How to Paint on Canvas Tote Bags?

You may purchase blank canvas totes to paint them yourself. Here at Gallant International, we can print artwork or logo on your bags for you, saving you time and the hassle to paint them yourself. Simply send us your artwork and we’ll do the rest for you. 

How to Wash Canvas Tote Bags?

We recommend hand washing your bags with mild or delicate laundry soap. Use cold water, and don’t scrub too hard on your bag if it has printing or embroidery. Hang dry your bag and it will be good as new to use again and again!

What Can I Do With My Canvas Tote Bag(s)?

Tote bags are most commonly used as grocery tote bags. Produce Reference #T9

Tote bags are most commonly used as grocery tote bags. Produce Reference #T9

Canvas tote bags have unlimited uses since they come in all sizes, shapes, and colors.  You probably have a tote bag or two in your car for grocery shopping, the most popular use of tote bags. Our reusable totes will help your customers look stylish and eco-friendly while doing their weekly grocery shop and showing off your brand’s artwork or logo. The durable canvas material is ideal for holding heavy groceries.

 The second most common use of tote bags is to use them as book bags or work bags. If you are heading to class or work, simply throw in your laptop, some pencils, a snack and you will be good to go for the day. Gallant’s organic cotton canvas comes in different weight, so we’ve got you covered if you are looking for custom reusable bags. You can give tote bags away at the office during holiday parties or at school events.

Canvas Tote Bags with zippers are perfect to use for traveling. Your customers can stow them in overhead bins on the plane or car's trunk without worrying that their goods will fall. Zippers on Gallant bags are completely customizable and their size and placement are up to you. Your customer will use their zippered tote bags, while also advertising your logo. 

If you have a standard size tote, it’s also ideal to take to the farmer’s market or while running errands. Skip using single-use plastic and paper bags and use organic cotton canvas bags instead. By using an organic cotton tote, you can save on water, energy, dyes and toxic chemicals often used to create paper and plastic products. By printing your logo on a shopping tote, it's guaranteed that many eyes will see it and will help promote your brand.

You can print important message for your customers on our tote bags. Product Reference #T2

You can print important message for your customers on our tote bags. Product Reference #T2

Totes can be used for all sorts of things and can be incorporated into your business. Help spread the message of sustainability by choosing reusable, eco-friendly and fair trade bags. Feel good about your purchase of Gallant's bags knowing they are aiding you and your customers in reducing environmental footprint.