10 Companies Committed to Sustainable Packaging

As sustainability becomes more prevalent in the beauty, home and fashion industries, brands are taking notice and making big changes.

Online shopping is booming, but packaging waste is a big problem. Approximately 165 billion packages are shipped every year in the United States alone, majority containing single use plastic. These ten companies are making a change and using reusable or recyclable packaging to eliminate waste.

Seed phytonutrients

Photo via seedphytonutrients.com

Photo via seedphytonutrients.com

Seed Phytonutrients is a L’Oreal owned beauty company specializing in haircare, skincare and body care. Seed Phytonutrients uses a 100% recycled and recyclable bottle to package their haircare products. The bottle is first made from a thin plastic that collapses as it’s used – the brand states that the plastic is 95% thinner than traditional plastic bottles. The bottle is then wrapped with recycled paper, which is waterproof and safe to keep in the shower.

Other products, like the brand’s body wash and body moisturizer are packaged the same way. Seed Phytonutrients also partners with TerraCycle to recycle pumps, as customers can request a free recycling envelope on the website. The brand’s popular haircare products retail for $24 and can be purchased on their website or online at Sephora.

Shop Seed Phytonutrients here: https://www.seedphytonutrients.com

Loli Beauty

Photo via @loli.beauty via Instagram

Photo via @loli.beauty via Instagram

Loli Beauty is a cosmetic company that specializes in water free, vegan, Fair Trade and organic earth friendly skincare. Loli’s bestsellers are their masks and scrubs, which come packaged in food-grade glass yogurt jars that can be repurposed for food storage or other uses. When ordering online, all orders come packaged with certified compostable labels, bags and boxes. Loli is also a member of the Organic Trade Association.

All of Loli’s products are certified Made Safe, ensuring all products are made with safe ingredients that will not harm human or ecosystem health.

Shop Loli Beauty here: https://lolibeauty.com

Alima Pure

Alima Pure is a natural cosmetics brand made from clean, non-toxic ingredients. The brand is a certified B Corporation and a member of 1% for the planet.

Photo via @alimapure on Facebook

Photo via @alimapure on Facebook

The brand proudly offsets 100% of their carbon emissions and has been carbon neutral for 10 years.

Alima Pure currently offers three refillable products, their pressed foundation, cream concealer and pressed eyeshadow. The pans are recyclable, and the compact is reusable, allowing customers to refill and repurchase over and over again. Additional products made by the brand are made with recyclable materials. Products come shipped to customers in 100% recyclable boxes packed with recyclable geami paper.

 Shop Alima Pure here: https://www.alimapure.com

Elate Beauty

Elate Beauty makes vegan, cruelty free and gluten free sustainably packaged beauty products. All of Elate’s compacts, tools and palettes are made from bamboo. Bamboo is a self-generating resource, ensuring it’s sustainable to use as packaging, good for consumers and the environment. Additionally, refills come packaged in seed paper, which is paper that can be moistened, planted and then will grow.

Lilah B.

Lilah B’s motto is “We believe with less, you are more”.

The brand offers vegan and cruelty free skincare and makeup free from parabens, gluten, sulfates, phthalates, sulfates and synthetic fragrances. All of their products are made using recyclable packaging materials. Lilah B runs a recycling program, not just for their own products but for all makeup and skincare products. They encourage their customers to stay minimal and keep their routine simple. Customers can visit their website to request a prepaid shipping label to send their old, used or unwanted beauty products for recycling.

Shop Lilah B. here: https://lilahbeauty.com


Photo via thereformation.com

Photo via thereformation.com

Reformation makes sustainable, trendy clothing for women. They use sustainable fibers, sustainable packaging, disclose their environmental impact and encourage their customers to live as sustainably as possible. Reformation aims to minimize their waste, water and energy footprints, while investing in the lives of their factory workers. While Reformation does have stores where customers can physically shop at, they also sell online.

All online orders come in plastic free packaging made from 100% recycled paper and compostable bio-based films. The bio-based bag that each item comes shipped in is home compostable, or you can drop your bags off at a Reformation store if you have one near you.

Shop Reformation online at: https://www.thereformation.com

Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend specializes in activewear made from recycled water bottles. They make matching sets, leggings, sports bras and bike shorts, all ethically manufactured and made from recycled materials. Girlfriend also believes in representation of all races and sizes, and this can be seen throughout their website and social media platforms.

All of Girlfriend’s products are made from 100% recycled materials, and that includes their shipping materials. Items are shipped in a recycled cardboard box, and items come in a reusable, recycled cloth pouch.

Shop Girlfriend Collective at Nordstrom or here: https://www.girlfriend.com


Photo via @liveblueland on Facebook

Photo via @liveblueland on Facebook

Blueland is a new company specializing in refillable cleaning products, specifically glass and window cleaner, multi-surface cleaner and bathroom cleaner. Blueland provides “forever bottles”, reusable glass bottles to last a lifetime. They then offer tablets to go inside the bottles, when mixed with warm water turn into specific cleaning solutions. Users purchase the bottles one time and then are able to purchase refill tablets and do not need to purchase a new plastic bottle every time they run out of cleaning solution.

All bottles come shipped to you in a cardboard, 100% recyclable package. Tablet refills come in 100% recyclable and compostable wrappers, ensuring that you won’t leave a carbon footprint when using Blueland’s products. Refill tablets are also only $2 each, cheaper than a standard eco-friendly cleaner at the grocery store.

 Shop Blueland here: https://www.blueland.com


Photo via @byhumankind on Instagram

Photo via @byhumankind on Instagram

Humankind retails sustainable personal care products such as deodorant and mouthwash, all of which are cruelty free and unisex. Their formulas are clean, and all of their products are refillable, preventing single use plastic. Initial containers are guaranteed for life and $1 from every purchase is donated to cleaning up the ocean.

“Great personal care products don’t have to come at the Earth’s expense.” - Humankind

Refill containers called “kindfills” are made from mostly paper and are purposefully designed to reduce single use plastic waste by 90%. All of Humankind’s shipping packaging is 100% compostable.

Shop Humankind here: https://byhumankind.com

For Days

Image via @fordaysfordays on Facebook

Image via @fordaysfordays on Facebook

For Days is a closed loop brand that sells organic cotton t-shirts, sweatshirts and other items. They have a lifetime membership program. Join once by purchasing any piece, then your lifetime membership includes $8 swaps for a new item and a recycling program for when you are done with your items. Items sent back for recycling will be turned into new items. Currently, For Days has a waitlist, but they hope to add more members to their program soon.

For Days is proudly organic, zero waste and recyclable. All items are shipped in recycled and recyclable cardboard, ensuring zero waste. For Days will be opening an LA factory soon, ensuring that membership spots will open up.

Check out For Days and their membership availability here: https://fordays.com

- Written by Rachel Alfred

What brands do you love who have committed to sustainable packaging? Let us know below!

Gallant is also committed to sustainable packaging by offering its client organic, reusable and bio-degradable muslin bags which can be used to package and ship products. Our muslin drawstring bags along with other products are made of GOTS certified organic cotton meaning that the environment was not harmed during the manufacturing process. Additionally, we have joined UPS’ carbon neutral to offset our carbon emissions.