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Made with Love. For Earth and Humanity.

Gallant is a premier supplier of high quality, all natural, highly customizable 100%  GOTS Certified Organic cotton bags made in our Fair Trade USA Certified™ Factory. We specialize in promotional bags, shopping bags, retail bags and accessories. Our mission is to better our environment with sustainable products while improving the lives of those who make them.

As partners of a Fair Trade Certified  Factory™, we strive to provide quality products that not only benefit the environment but the people who make them and use them. Spearheading Fair Trade awareness and promoting Organic Products is at the core of our values and we intend on spreading it for generations to come. 

What's different about us?

We assure our bags are made using no child labor or forced labor, all workers are ensured equal pay, living wages, women's and workers' rights are followed, no sweatshops are utilized, and safe and healthy work environments is provided.

We use all natural, soft, biodegradable, recyclable and renewable fabric. The cotton we use is grown from GMO-free Cotton seeds. It is produced without using herbicides or pesticides and is  free of chemicals assuring safer working conditions for farmers and factory workers. And it’s safer for the end-users and the planet, too! 


What we specialize in...

Our products include but are not limited to Promotional bags, Shopping bags, Lunch bags, Cosmetic bags and pouches, Drawstring bags, Wine bags, Grocery bags, Gift with purchase bags, Backpacks, Tote bags, Cross-body bags, Beach bags, Duffel bags, Weekender bags and accessories.


Our Promise...

Make the products that is good for living beings and the planet. Assist in sharing and telling your story while effectively branding your identity with products that we help bring to life. 

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