About US

Cotton farmers

Gallant International is a trend-forward supplier of Fair Trade and 100% GOTS certified organic cotton bags, organic cotton aprons, organic cotton t shirts and accessories with a core underlying mission of improving the lives of farmers and factory workers on a global scale. We guarantee fair wages, access to safe working conditions, healthcare, and other tools workers need to thrive. Every purchase made with Gallant not only benefits the environment but also those making and wearing the products.


We mean and do what we say:

By partnering with like-minded organizations such as Fair Trade and GOTS, we are able to guarantee:

  • Eco-friendly and sustainable materials

  • Enriching the livelihood of farmers and factory workers

  • Honoring safe labor conditions, fair and legal wages and healthcare

  • Alleviating poverty and fighting the battle against unethical labor practices

  • Creating fashion-forward designs that do not impede on our environment

We are proud members of Fair Trade USA, Fair Trade America,Fair Trade Federation, Organic Trade Association of America, GOTS, Textile Exchange and Fair Trade LA.