Wholesale Toiletry Bags - Blank or printed

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All of our products are customizable so we are able to make custom sized bags for you.
MOQ of toiletry bag is 500 units (for Natural/Greige Color bag) and 3,000 units (for colored bags, other than Natural/Greige Color Bag
Additional Branding
NOTE: Gallant's branding such as woven label and hang tag will not be included in your products. Custom hang tag and woven label with your design can be added to your bags.
Our lead time is 3 weeks for blank bags and 45-60 days for printed bags, however, expedited delivery can be done for an additional or no cost depending on the order and urgency. Let us know when you need the bags by


Toiletry Bags


Customizable to meet your needs

Our recommendation:

ZP14: H4" x W6" x BG4"

ZP15: H6" x W6" x BG6"

ZP16: H6" x W10" x BG5"

ZP17: H5" x W10" x BG4"

14 oz organic cotton


GOTS certified organic cotton: Yes

Fair Trade: Yes

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Email us at gallant@gallantintl.com or call us at 949-680-4004