Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does Gallant International Inc. do?

Gallant International Inc. is a full package private label company specializing in Organic and Fair Trade cotton tote bags, cosmetic/toiletry bags, T-shirts and accessories.

2. How long has Gallant been in business?

Gallant has been in business since 2009.

3. Where is Gallant located?

We are located in Orange County, California.

4. Does Gallant supply its products to other countries besides the US and Canada?

Yes, we ship worldwide.

5. Does Gallant use other materials besides organic cotton?

We are committed to only using organic cotton. However, as required by our customers we use polyester for lining. We also make organic content standard(OCS) t-shirts.

6. Who are Gallant’s clients?

Our clients are from different industries – beauty, tech, food, retail, promotion, non-profit, and more. Once you place an order with us and would like to know our clients, we can provide you with a list.

7. Where does Gallant Manufacture its products?

We make our products at a Fair Trade Certified factory in India.

8. What is your lead time?

Our lead time varies. Usual lead time is 3-14 weeks depending on the product, quantity, print, additional customization, and so on.

9. Do we have to pay for shipping (and duties)?

No, you do not. Our price to the US and Canada is inclusive of shipping (and duties).

10. What is your MOQ?

Please visit our MOQ page.

11. What fabric weight do you use to make your products?

We use 4 oz (120GSM) to 14 oz (420 GSM).

12. What are the fabric color choices?

Beside natural (Greige) fabric, we can make products in any color you would like. We match Pantone number!

13. Do you provide fabric swatches and/or samples?

Yes! Fabric swatches and samples can be shipped right away from our warehouse in Orange County, California. We keep blank samples in different size and weight at our warehouse. Blank samples can be shipped as soon as possible. For printed/embroidered samples, lead time is 2-4 weeks (depending on the product). Due to high demand of sample request from our current and new clients, we kindly request that you to return the blank samples as soon as you review them. Printed samples with your artwork/logo do not need to be returned.

14. Do you charge for samples?

We do not charge for blank samples, but we kindly request that you bear the cost of shipping. You can provide us with a shipping label or send us your shipping account number (UPS/FedEx). For printed/embroidered samples, there may be a fee to cover the cost of the screen, production, and the courier services.

15. We received samples from Gallant and it had Gallant’s hang tag and labels, and also seen on Gallant’s website. Will our product(s) have Gallant’s label and hang tags as well?

No, none of your products will have Gallant’s branding, hang tag or label. However, custom labels and hang tags with your artwork/logo can be added to your products for an additional cost.

16. Do you make custom hang tags and labels?

Yes, we provide the complete package for you such as custom hang tags, labels, zippers, pompoms, and so on.

17. What kind of ink do you use?

We use low impact water -based GOTS/ OEKO-TEX certified inks to print our products.

18. What kind of printing are you capable of doing?

We are able to screen print and digitally print. You also have an option to embroider your artworks/logo.

19. Are there any color limitations?

There are no limitations. We can print as many colors as you may need. However, we recommend a maximum of 5 colors for screen printing. If your artwork/logo has more than 5 colors, we will print it digitally.

20. Do you have limitation on the print size?

We recommend the print area to be 70% or less of the bag. However, we can print anyway you would like and even cover the product with your artwork (all over print). We are here to meet your needs.

21. Do you do Tie-dye print?

No, we don’t do Tie-dye dye print, but we can use digital print to give you the Tie-Dye look.

22. How do you like us to provide you our artwork?

Please provide your artwork in vector format - .AI (preferred) or eps with the Pantone number(s).

23. Our designer(s) is requesting for dyeline. Do you provide dyeline?

Since we have no limitation in print area and our bags are customizable, we do not provide dyeline.

24. Do you use eco-friendly dye?

Yes, we use low impact GOTS/ OEKO-TEX certified dyes to color our fabrics.

25. Tell us about your quality control process.

We have our In-house Quality Control team. We put 100% effort to provide you the best quality products. Our quality control team checks:

-       The fabric quality - including GSM

-       Dye quality - we check fabric before and after dyeing, we also check color matching between lab dip and final production

-        Print quality - we check our print quality by comparing with our samples. We also do rubbing fastness and washing color fastness test

-       Embroidery quality, stitching, fitting, shrinkage, and packing

Our price will not include any third-party inspection such as QA/QC/ lab testing/inspection by companies such as SGS/INTERTEK/Bureau Veritas etc. If required, we encourage you to use third party companies for lab test and quality control/inspection check.

26. Are all your products individually poly wrapped?

No, we use 1 master polybag. Individual wrap is available at an additional cost.

27. What is your production capacity?

Up to 5 million pieces a year.

28. What are your payment terms?

50% in advance at the time of placing an order and remaining 50% upon delivery. If the total amount is less than $2,000, we request that you pay the full payment in advance.

29. We have few more questions, what’s the best way to reach you?

We are available Monday – Friday (Pacific Standard Time) from 9 am to 5 pm via phone - 949-680-4004 or email. If it’s an urgent matter during non-office hours, please send us an email with the subject line Urgent at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.