Why Your Company/Brand Needs Canvas Tote Bags

Wholesale canvas tote bags are fashionable, reusable, all-purpose and handy as marketing and promotional tools.

Organic tote bags are eco-friendly, sustainable and will last your customers for years to come.


Make the switch from wasteful plastic and invest in organic cotton tote bags. Americans consume more than 300 million pounds of plastic every year. Plastic takes over 1000 years to break down, and even then, it doesn’t ever break down completely, it only separates into small pieces, known as microplastics. The chemicals used in the making of plastic can be absorbed into your food, items you carry in your bags, your body, the bodies of animals and into eco-systems. Encourage your customers to be sustainable and make the switch from plastic to eco-friendly, biodegradable cotton bags.

Not only will your customers be eco-friendlier with customized tote bags, they will be saving money and won’t have to purchase plastic bags at the register anymore.

Gallant International’s wholesale tote bags are made from 100% GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Certified organic cotton. This cotton, unlike plastic, will last for years and thousands of uses. Organic cotton is also free from harmful chemicals, pesticides and GMOs, ensuring it’s safe for your customers, children, animals and eco-systems.

Custom canvas tote bags are an easy all-purpose use tote for your customers and an easy source of advertising for your company.

Your customers can use our custom canvas tote bags at the gym, for class or work, while going out, for a weekend getaway, as an airplane carry-on, or a grocery bag.

At the gym:

Tote bags can fit almost all your gym essentials. Pack a change of clothes, your workout gear, headphones, snacks and drinks, and even weights or a jump rope in them.

For class:

Throw in your textbooks, notepads, pens, pencils, laptop, water bottle and snacks in a tote for an easy to carry backpack alternative.

For work:

Tote bags, whether large or small are sure to fit all your essentials for work. Put in your laptop, lunch, notebook and other work supplies. Your co-workers will be jealous!

While going out:

Out to run errands for the day? Pack some snacks, a reusable water bottle, and anything you’ll need for that day. You can even store additional bags for groceries or shopping in your tote.

For a weekend getaway:

Pack a weekend’s worth of clothing, toiletries and supplies for a weekend vacation with friends or family. No need for a suitcase!

As an airplane carry on:

Tote bags are the perfect lightweight, durable bag to carry all of your travel airplane essentials on. Pack in a good book, a sweater, your laptop and you’re good to go.

Grocery bag:

Reusable grocery bags are skyrocketing in popularity. Help your customers skip the plastic bags at checkout with a few tote bags instead.

At the gym, grocery store and while traveling, customers will be advertising your logo. Create cotton tote bags bulk today to create a positive environmental impact all while advertising your brand. Sell them, give them as giveaways, gifts with purchase or use as a plastic free packaging solution! Send us your ideas and we’ll make them come to life.

Tote Bags at Gallant International

Our wholesale tote bags are:

  • 100% customizable

    • All of our products are completely customizable in size, shape, colors and accessories. We make custom tote bags, custom printed and embroidered tote bags and are able to customize them to suit all of your business needs. We also make heavy duty canvas tote bags wholesale and cotton tote bags wholesale.

  • Great for printing or embroidery

    • Print or embroider your logo on tote bags as an easy advertising solution. Your customers will carry the custom printed tote bag everywhere, showing off your logo and promoting your business for as long as your customers keep the tote bag. When they are done with the tote, it will biodegrade, helping your company and customers reduce their carbon footprint.

  • A versatile, sustainable choice:

    • Organic cotton tote bags have endless uses and are the eco-friendliest, earth and human safe option.

  • Unisex, perfect for your entire customer base:

    • People of all genders, styles and preferences will enjoy our canvas tote bags wholesale. Style them with multiple prints or keep them all the same.

Visit our tote bag page for more information: https://www.gallantintl.com/canvas-tote-bags