Gallant and Fair Trade: Why Ethical Fashion Creates Superior Brands

Here at Gallant, we pride ourselves in specializing in the most beautiful private label bags and accessories that are made of exceptional quality. We start with ethical production at the grassroots level and are fully committed to providing handcrafted quality products that not only benefit the environment but the people who make and use them.

Each of our products has a story, a livelihood and a purpose:

To help farmers get a fair price for their cotton and to ensure our factory workers are well-paid so that our consumers know they are getting the best products made under the best conditions.

But why do we do this? What is the point of working so hard to ensure that our workers and local environment are treated well and even receive additional wages and benefits that are higher than our competitors’?

The answer is simple: Because we care about the people who make our products, the planet that produces them, and the consumers who help make our business sustainable.

When Gallant International founder Vik Gallant traveled around India and saw the plight of the farmers and factory workers, he knew he had to do something to help them. Devastating stories about human rights violations in garment factories and cotton farms around the world like the Rana Plaza disaster and cotton farm slavery and child labor violations are on the rise, which drove Vik and his family to create a sustainable solution.

Those are the roots that helped create Gallant International and the driving motivators for all of our decisions. From choosing to purchase the best eco-friendly ingredients like 100% organic cotton from certified producers to paying our workers Fair Trade wages, benefits and premiums, we have made a commitment to ethical fashion and we stick to it. A purchase from Gallant means a sustainable solution to global poverty and a beautiful product for you that is made with love!

Join us next week for a history on what Fair Trade is and how you can make a difference with your dollar.