What’s so great about organic cotton?

What’s so great about organic cotton?

GOTS certified organic cotton

When most people think of organic, things like apples, coffee and lip balm come to mind. Other key words like expensive, premium and Wholefoods probably pop up somewhere in that grouping as well.

It seems like we’re constantly being told that organic equals healthy and that that is good for us to eat and drink, but why is it important to use organic clothing? We’re not eating the fabrics we put on our body, so what is the big deal?

1. No nasty pesticides.

Materials like cotton that are grown organically don’t use pesticides, which is better for the planet, the farmers that grow the plant and the surrounding environment and its inhabitants. In addition, the runoff from those pesticides affects the water that we drink, turning it toxic, which is a big no no for our collective health.

2. Your body is covered with tiny mouths

Your skin is your biggest organ and it is covered with thousands of little tiny mouths called pores that take in everything from the environment, so it’s as important to put non-toxic things on your body as it is to put in your body. People with skin sensitivities who experience rashes when wearing conventional clothing can definitely attest to this. Your skin is like a cloak of armor to protect you from harm, and when you cover it 24/7 with pesticides and harsh detergents, you’re bound to end up with problems down the road.

3. You support businesses and farmers that are doing good while looking good

Who doesn’t love to support a good cause or know that you put your money where your mouth is? I bet it feels about as good as a soft, organic cotton t shirt flowing against your skin, doesn’t it? Ultimately, what we are paying for is a cleaner environment and a safer world. This price is not arbitrary or greedy marketing. It counts for something.

Nowadays, with all the bad press conventional cotton has received, hundreds of companies are taking a stand and creating beautiful products that you can flaunt for affordable prices.

That’s the deal with organic and Fair Trade clothing-- you can protect the environment, its people and your health by shopping responsibly, and feel great about it!

Look good, feel good and do good--that’s all we’re asking.