Top 3 Most Asked Canvas Tote Bag Questions

Canvas tote bags are everywhere, and chances are, you and your company are looking to purchase some. When beginning your search, you might feel overwhelmed, but we’ve got you covered. Gallant is here to answer all your basic questions about wholesale tote bags.

1.   Where to Buy Canvas Tote Bags? / Where Can I Buy Canvas Tote Bags?

You can buy canvas tote bags right here at Gallant International. Our tote bags are made with 100% GOTS Certified organic cotton, ensuring they are free of harmful pesticides and chemicals.

Product Reference T9

Product Reference T9

Organic cotton:

·      Conserves water & efficiently uses rain water

·      Is better for the environment

·      Beneficial to animals and insects

·      No GMOs

Our canvas tote bags are manufactured at a Fair Trade certified factory. Through Fair Trade, we are able to ensure:

·      No Child Labor

·      A Democratic Workplace

·      Safe Working Conditions

·      Environmental sustainability is upheld

·      Fair Trade premiums, extra money that goes directly into workers’ bank accounts 

Additionally, through Fair Trade, we are able to guarantee a completely transparent and traceable supply chain.

Our canvas tote bags bulk are 100% customizable. Customize them in size, shape, color, print/embroidery and accessories. Visit our tote bag page to learn more about our tote bags or to place an order.

2.  How to Paint on Canvas Tote Bags / How do I paint on Canvas Tote Bags?

Photo by Alice Achertof via Unsplash

Photo by Alice Achertof via Unsplash

If you wish to paint on your canvas tote bags, make sure you use durable, fabric safe paint. Trace out your artwork in pencil or use a stencil. Then, apply your paint. Allow at least 24 hours for the bag to dry. Remember, after painting on your bag, it will not be suitable for washing.

Gallant offers plain canvas tote bags without print or embroidery, perfect for painting or arts and crafts. Customize the size, shape and color of them to suit your company’s needs.

3.  How to Wash Canvas Tote Bags / How do I Wash my Canvas Tote Bag?

Photo by Chrissie Kremer via Unsplash

Photo by Chrissie Kremer via Unsplash

We recommend spot cleaning your Gallant canvas tote bags. We do not recommend putting your bags in the washer, as there is risk of them shrinking. If you decide to put your tote in the washer, wash it on a cold, delicate cycle and hang dry or line dry. While drying, smooth out any wrinkles or creases to maintain the bag’s shape. Unbleached/unwashed  tote bags may shrink up to 10%, but if you buy washed fabric canvas bags, shrinkage will be less than 5%.