The Easy Lazy Guide to Saving the World

Global Warming. Climate Change. Deforestation. Overconsumption. Melting glacier. These are some of the words we cannot avoid as the world faces serious danger in the coming years. According to the United Nations (UN), we only have about a decade to keep global warming, “… to a maximum of 1.5C, beyond which even half a degree will significantly worsen the risks of drought, floods, extreme heat and poverty for hundreds of millions of people.” The consequences of climate change are freighting, there will be a shift in the weather pattern that will threaten food production, rising sea levels will increase the risk of catastrophic flooding, there will be more drought and heat waves.

We need to take action now and do our part. We need to encourage our friends, family, co-workers, neighbors to do their part with us. We need our government bodies to take climate change seriously and ask for (and help build) a sustainable future. We need companies to incorporate Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). We need to use our platform and educate people around us and raise awareness. We are in this together.

Below are some of the things you can do to help.

 Things you can do from your couch

  1. Switch to e-pay. Stop paper banking and paper bills. Opt for paperless, e-bills.

  2. Save electricity. Turn off the lights.

  3. Use your social media effectively. Share articles, news, stats about critical issues like women’s right, climate change. Report bullies. Help educate those who are new to environmental issues.

  4. Email/message your mayor, senator, representative to take action.

  5. Donate to your favorite charity. Be aware of the issues like drought, hunger and homelessness in your community and donate accordingly.

Things you can do at your home 

  1. Air dry your clothing instead of using the dryer.

  2. Save water. Take shorter showers.

  3. Eat less meat and avoid food waste. Read our blog on food waste here.

  4. Switch to energy efficient appliances and light bulbs.

  5. Freeze fresh produce and leftovers and start composting.

Things you can do outside your home

  1.  Support local businesses.

  2. Buy ‘ugly fruits and veggies’. Plan your meals and shop smart. Don’t buy food you won’t eat.

  3. Shop sustainable seafood. Buy products with minimal packaging.

  4. Use reusable tote bags, coffee mugs and water bottles.

  5. When possible walk, bike or take public transportation.

Things you can do at work

  1. Ask for equal pay (women earn 10 to 30 per cent less than men for the same job), health care and equality. Know your workplace rights to ensure your access to justice.

  2. Mentor young people and new employees. It’s a thoughtful, inspiring and a powerful way to guide someone towards a better future.

  3. Organize volunteering at the local organizations. Do beach clean-up with your colleagues.

  4. Guide your company to reduce waste, recycle, use energy efficient heating and cooling technology.

  5. Corporate social responsibility counts! Encourage your company to work with civil society and find ways to help local communities achieve the goals.

The above guide has been acquired from United Nation’s ‘The Lazy Person’s Guide to Saving the World