We eat plastic equivalent to one credit card a week!

5 Ways To Reduce Your Plastic Waste.

Plastic, the thing that is so easy to use yet so difficult to say goodbye to. Humans depend on plastic, as plastics are on almost everything we use on a daily basis. Plastic can be found in food packaging, cars, toys, credit cards and electronics. Though plastic may seem to make many of our lives easier, it is also making the lives of many species problematic, including the humans.



Since plastic is made to last, it doesn’t really go away. Traditional plastic bags can take 1,000 years or longer to decompose, and even then, they will never be completely broken down. As for recycling the plastic, only 8-9% of plastic has been recycled in the United Sates. Plastic will break into microplastics which have been known to be found in table salt, and water meaning we as humans consume microplastics frequently, without a second thought. We eat plastic equivalent to one credit card a week! Chemicals in plastic absorb into human bodies and ecosystems, causing major health effects. Additionally, there are five trillion pieces of plastic in our oceans – enough to circle the Earth over 400 times. 700 marine species are affected by ocean plastic. Want to know more about plastic? Here are some helpful links:

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Now that we have the facts and know that we should say NO to plastic, here are 5 ways to do so:

1.     Stop using PLASTIC BAGS and start using reusable/biodegradable tote bags

·      This is one of the easiest ways to say no to plastic. If you are buying few items at the store don’t ask for a bag, instead carry the items in your hand. Store few tote bags in your car so that you will have access to it wherever your car goes. If you carry a backpack or a purse put some lightweight totes in them.

·      If you are a business or a brand, package your items in reusable tote bags so that your customers can use the totes later. Moreover, if you are doing a promotion or a giveaway use eco-friendly promotional items.

2.     Stop using PLASTIC STRAWS and start using a bamboo or steel straw

·      When you order a drink simply tell the waiter ‘no plastic straw please’ and use your own reusable straw. Straws and even reusable cutlery set can be purchased at a reasonable price and are easy to carry around with you. Additionally, avoid using Styrofoam when ordering a take out. If you are picking the food up yourself take your Tupperware with you.

3.     Avoid buying BOTTLED WATER and start using a reusable water bottle

·      Buying a reusable water bottle is without a doubt a good investment. Carry water in your reusable bottle and stay hydrated without harming the mother nature. Plus, you don’t have to worry about plastic bottle not being recycled properly.

2.     Avoid using PLASTIC WRAP and start using your Tupperware

·      The plastic wraps you use will probably end up in the landfill so use Tupperware to store your food.

3.     Shop in Bulk

·      Most of your plastic waste is probably generated in your kitchen so bring your own bags and containers and stock up on bulk foods. Your town/city may even have zero waste markets that offer products with no or fewer packages.