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Gallant International is a Fair Trade Certified company. We specialize in 100% organic cotton bags,muslin bags accessories that are customizable to your need and budget. Please contact us for canvas tote bags that are organic and fair trade.


Zipper Pouches that meet your needs


Our toiletry bags/zipper pouches are customizable to size, shape, color and more!

Our toiletry bags/zipper pouches are customizable to size, shape, color and more!

Zipper pouches are versatile and a perfect product to add to your bag collection!

Zipper pouches are versatile and a perfect product to add to your bag collection!

What can I do with my organic cotton Zipper Pouch?


Represent your company or brand with Gallant's customizable Zipper Pouches. Our zipper pouches/ Toiletry bags can be used for any special events and gifts with purchase. You can brand the pouch any way you like - print or embroider your logo/artwork, add a woven label, a hang tag and more!

Are you traveling or always on the go? A cosmetic bag is just what you need. Cosmetic organizer bags are versatile and easy to grab and go. Our organic, eco-friendly and ethical bags are great for storage and organization no matter where you are. Use organic cotton Zipper Pouches for pencils, as a cosmetic bag, as a coin pouch, or to store your loose items. Make an ethical fashion or beauty statement with a Gallant Zipper Pouch.

Our zipper pouches are free from chemicals and are durable, making them a great eco-friendly option. Feel good about your cosmetic pouch purchase, knowing that it’s sustainable, and you are helping your company and customers to reduce their environmental footprint.

Can I customize my Zipper Pouch?


Completely customize your zipper pouch to match your needs. Choose a size from our catalog or let us know your custom size. Send us your designs and we will make it come to life. Each design is of the highest quality and is made from GOTS certified organic cotton at a Fair Trade Certified Factory. Contact us for more information about all of your organic cotton sustainable packaging needs.

* We also offer pouches made from Fairtrade cotton.

Why Organic Cotton?

Our natural cosmetic bags are made from organic cotton. We choose organic cotton because it’s better for you and the earth. Organic cotton is free of pesticides and GMOs, leading to healthier consumers, farmers, and a cleaner environment. Since no chemicals are used in organic cotton, its footprint is drastically less compared to the conventional cotton. Organic cotton is 80% rain-fed, conserving thousands of gallons of water compared to conventional cotton. The organic cotton we use at Gallant International is also GOTS certified, meaning our cotton goes through a rigorous process of environmental and social criteria throughout our entire supply chain.


Why Fair Trade?


Our sustainable makeup bags are made at a Fair Trade Certified Factory, which means our factories are run on fair and just practices. Fair Trade is a trading partnership between consumers, producers, businesses, and certifiers, who all agree to put people and the planet first. Fair Trade workers are paid minimum wage or above, work in safe factories with no child labor, and require complete transparency throughout each step in the supply chain. By purchasing Gallant’s organic and Fair Trade products, you are assuring that your product was made fairly and ethically, with people and the environment in mind.