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23352 Madero Suite L
Mission Viejo, CA, 92691
United States


Gallant International is a Fair Trade Certified company. We specialize in 100% organic cotton bags and accessories that are customizable to your need and budget.


Gallant International Inc. is private label company that carries ethical, sustainable, and environmentally friendly products. We specialize in organic bags, accessories, as well as organic and fairtrade clothing.  



Gallant International Inc. is a premier supplier of 100% GOTS Certified Organic cotton bags and accessories made at a Fair Trade USA Certified™ Factory.

We specialize in private label bags and accessories, as well as packaging that tells your story while aligning your company values with its brand identity. We offer highly customizable, 100% organic cotton and Fair Trade Certified promotional bags, shopping bags, grocery bags, gift with purchase bags, lunch bags, cosmetic pouches, drawstring bags, aprons, beach totes and much more. All of our products are ethically made, sustainable and eco-friendly. We use the finest natural materials, such as 100% organic cotton, GOTS certified dye and water-based GOTS certified ink. Our mission is to better our environment with the most sustainable products, while improving the lives of those who make them.

As partners of a Fair Trade Certified Factory™, we strive to provide quality products that not only benefit the environment but the people who MAKE and USE them. Promoting Fair Trade and Organic Products is at the core of our values and we intend on spreading it for generations to come. We are committed to the movement of transparency and traceability throughout the supply chain. 

Gallant International's Fair Trade USA certified products help alleviate poverty, aid in maintaining a clean and healthy environment, and help to fight the battle against unethical labor practices. Each and every one of our high quality bags are made sustainably by using organic cotton. Cotton is one of the most environmentally destructive crops in the world, which makes using products made with organic cotton very crucial. Our organic cotton compared to the conventional cotton is not grown using the harmful pesticides, insecticides, or the GMOs. Our mission here at Gallant International is to offer durable and sustainable products that not only benefit the environment but also the lives of the people who make them. It is our priority to maintain conscious business practices and supply chain transparency. As the direct supplier, we offer products that are customized to your needs by style, design, and the price.

Our Promise...

To make products that are good for both living beings and for the planet. To assist in sharing and telling your story while effectively branding your identity with products that will help bring it to life. 

Organic cotton

What we specialize in...

Our products include, but are not limited to; promotional bags, shopping bags, lunch bags, drawstring bags, wine bags, grocery bags, gift with purchase bags, backpacks, tote bags, cross-body bags, beach bags, duffel bags, weekender bags, cosmetic pouches and accessories.

What's different about us?

We assure that our bags are made using no child labor or forced labor. All workers are ensured equal pay, living wages, women's and workers' rights are followed, no sweatshops are utilized, and safe and healthy work environments are provided. We use all natural, soft, biodegradable, recyclable and renewable fabric. The cotton we use is grown from GMO-free Cotton seeds. It is produced without using herbicides or pesticides and is free of chemicals, which assures safer working conditions for farmers and factory workers. It is safer for the end-users and the planet too!